Haïti: Ways to help

Just some signal-boosting in the hopes that everyone can do at least a little something to help out with the humanitarian catastrophe in Haïti.

First off: Get educated! Earthquakes are natural disasters; the poverty that exacerbated the disaster isn't. Here's a brief primer on why Haïti is so poor, but it doesn't really go into the politics much. Basically, Haïti was punished by European, and later, North American powers for having the audacity to claim its freedom and self-determination. Haïti was forced to pay reparations to France—its colonizer and slave-master—until 1947. (That's right—France murdered the indigenous population, then kidnapped and enslaved Africans and worked them to death. The slaves revolted and kicked out their oppressors; France demanded—and received—payment to compensate them for the lost profits.) The dictatorship of "Papa Doc" Duvalier, propped up by guess-who, put the country further into debt, which lenders have not forgiven despite the international legal principle of odious debt. Even more recently, the democratically elected government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, which came to power on a platform of social justice, transparency, and literacy, was topped by American, French, and Canadian forces.

Okay, but what can we do now? I immediately donated to Médecins sans Frontières (a.k.a. Doctor's without Borders). I'm told that the American Partners in Health is also a good group to donate to. skywardprodigal has a list of more options.

And fandom—oh, how I love you—has responded with help_haiti, so you should bid, offer, or pimp if you haven't already.

In better news the Doomsday Clock got set back! I think it's sad that I found out about this through watchdom but, in fairness, I've been a bit busy.
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It's here!

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I'm baaack

Hey kids!

As you probably know because I haven't shut up about it, I was at Comic Con last weekend. After that, I ran off to Seattle to hang out with an old friend of mine, hence the belatedness of this post. (It's crossposted to my other journal that gets updated more often, so feel free to friend that if you want.)

So Comic Con was amazing. I have totally gotten over my con-fear—everyone was amazingly friendly and I got to meet all sorts of awesome people (including the lovely snarkitysnarks and kijikun, and I bought too many books. Well, the right amount of books. It's probably good that my suitcase is only a certain size or I would have spent like a month's salary on comic books. You know I'm capable of it.

This entry is mainly paparazzi photos from SDCC because I am a big dork that way. You have been warned.

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Okay, jealous yet?

P.S. Which one of you pervy bastards asked Zack Snyder about The Handshake during the live chat? ILU.

* Answer: Richard Kelly wrote and directed Donnie Darko.
** I ran into morgoid (yay!) who asked me who I was dressed up as. I was kind of, "uh, I always dress like this."
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In ur con blogging from kijikuns Iphone

I made it into hall h and just saw the Warner bros panel. tWas pretty sweet but the audience questions from fanboys hurt me in my feminist place. Though apparently twilight demonstrated fangirls are just as bad. Was several meters away from jeh and rdj. Now waiting for miyazaki and have 3d glasses so I'm blogging in 3d

What can we do from here?

I'm skeptical as to whether all of this linking and changing one's location to Tehran actually works to hide Iranian bloggers from the authorities, but I think it's kind of a cool show of solidarity, and there's not much else we can do here but make symbolic protests. If I were more tech-savvy I'd set up a proxy server, which seems a bit more concrete.

Oddly, despite our large Iranian population here, I haven't heard of any protests happening locally. Though I expect something will happen this weekend.