i_am_your_spy (i_am_your_spy) wrote,

Oddly Specific Kinks

(Otherwise known as motifs that you find yourself using in your writing, half the time without thinking about it.)

Mine seem to include:

• Road trips
• As previously mentioned, and related to the above, antiheroic types having sex on the run
• Unusual speech patterns (at least one character in every fic—two in the current one—and in a lot of my original stuff too)
• Radical politics somehow showing up—this is very surprising, I know—in fandoms where they might not otherwise
• This is one I just realized: Characters who are attracted to each other, even in love, but what actually makes them finally hook up involves some kind of ulterior motive, well-intentioned or otherwise. It's going to happen twice in the thing I'm currently writing (in one case, it's canonical). I hope this doesn't say something disturbing about me.
• Characters who are, for whatever reason, difficult to love, and not changing for the sake of someone else.

What do you all find yourself writing about all the freaking time?
Tags: meta, wait there are other fandoms?

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