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Out of retirement, out of the (fictional) closet

I have no idea if anyone is still reading this old thing after I disappeared into fandom retirement to write original stuff. But if so, hi! Hope you're all well. Since then, I've been bit by rabid plotbunnies twice, and in an effort to get all of my fic in one place, I figured I would at least post links here. (And eventually put my Watchmen stuff on AO3, but baby steps.)

The plotbunnies in question (I blame the rabies!) were for tiny fandoms. But! I realized that all of my fic has something in common, and that's emotionally repressed antiheroic weirdos having awkward sexual congress while on the run. If you are into that, I offer the following:

Title: when we lay down our weary guns
Author: GroteskBurlesque
Fandom: Django Unchained
Disclaimer: Belongs to Tarantino
Rating: M for sex and violence
Pairings: Django/Broomhilda/Schultz
Content note: F/M/M, canon-typical violence, poly, references to slavery (see canon), racist language, references to non-consensual sex, abortion, and torture. This said, it's probably the happiest thing I've ever written.
Summary: Each one holds the key to the others' liberation.
Notes: I'm fairly certain it makes sense even if you haven't seen the movie and only know the vaguest summary or have ever watched Westerns before. Essentially another fix-it fic that got completely out of hand, both in terms of length and sheer amount of research.

("He gets out because certain white motherfuckers don’t seem to get that you can take revenge with a simple bullet to the head and no drawn-out monologues, not that he’s complaining. Blows away every single son-of-a-bitch standing between him and Hildy, then crushes her to him and kisses her as though his life depended on it, as though they were the only two people left in all of creation. Then he tells her to get the horses outside saddled up. He has one or two things left to do.")

Title: Secure Beneath the Watchful Eyes
Author: GroteskBurlesque
Fandom: The Thick Of It
Disclaimer: Belongs to Armando Iannucci
Rating: M for sex and violence
Pairings: Jamie MacDonald/Malcolm Tucker, Emma Messinger/Ollie Reeder, Sam Cassidy/OMC
Content note: M/M, M/F, not so much a fix-it as a made-it-much-worse, major character deaths, dystopia, the BNP being in charge, non-British author trying to write for a British fandom. Canon-typical language, non-canon-typical levels of violence.
Summary: Three years after a coup by a faction within the Government, Britain is under the thumb of the brutal Regime. When a prominent advisor to the dictatorship defects with the location of a missing political prisoner, the Opposition—now the Resistance—finds itself in possession of a few unlikely allies and hurtling towards a war that could tear the country apart.
Notes: So ridiculously AU (all of the events in canon happened, but) that I don't think it matters if you've seen the show (though you should, because OMG it is GREAT). This is one of the two or three sit-coms that I've ever found genuinely funny, so of course I had to drop the characters in the middle of the Worst Possible Timeline. It's also a WIP at the moment. It'll get done, though.

("The country’s in the hands of a government demonstrably more noxious and fuckheaded than the sickest wank fantasies of JB’s inbred Etonian twat brigade. I was gone eight months—eight fucking months—before the fuckin’ BNP took over. That’s essentially the definition of ‘not at all fuckin’ fine.’”)

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